Ask Auntie Kate

 - Resident Feminist Agony Aunt and Advice Columnist

We are excited to announce a new interactive project for Blogger that YOU can be a part of!


Over the years, TSF has received countless messages, DMs and emails from young people trying to navigate difficult situations whilst retaining their feminist ideals and integrity. In previous years, our Instagram admins did their best to reply, and sometimes published the questions and responses (with permission) as educational posts.


In 2019, we’ve decided to refine this process through the creation of an advice column by long-time admin and volunteer, Kate!  


About the Column:


Do you have a question about what to do or say in an awkward situation?  How about how to deal with friends and family who don’t understand where you’re coming from?  Do you have someone in your life who just doesn’t understand your feminism, no matter how you try to explain it?  Do you have any ethical questions that are eating away at you? Then Ask Auntie Kate!


About Kate:


Kate (our resident ranter here at TSF), has been a successful and inspiring role model for young people throughout her extensive international dance teaching career.

Now a passionate eco-feminist, writer, activist, and lecturer, (and ex-professional dancer turned artist) Kate Beth is currently completing her honours degree in sociology exploring art therapy, ‘bully culture’, and intersectionalism.

Mother to three (and a few extras), Kate is honoured to help empower young feminists with brilliant advice, facts, sass, and effective rebuttals to help unravel all the mansplaining, gaslighting, hair splitting, sealioning, red herrings, and entitlement, that is the patriarchy.

How It Works:


1. Send your questions to

You can remain anonymous, or ask for your question to be published under a name of your choice.


2. Kate will select three questions to respond to in her monthly column.  (Three is all she can manage at present, so unfortunately there’s no guarantee your query will be answered. Sorry about that!)  


3. Your question, along with her suggestions, will be published on our Blogger platform which will in turn be promoted on our Facebook and Instagram.  This way, everyone can benefit from the answer!


Fun And Hopefully Helpful!


The aim of the column is to be a fun, relaxed way to answer burning feminist questions that come from everyday life experiences.  It’s meant to be reminiscent of magazine advice columns, and is not to be taken too seriously, but rather as an exercise in feminist dialogue and discussion.  Kate is only one person, and her advice is based on her own experiences. However, she is keen to help in whatever way she can!


What She Will Answer:

Everyday life situations, feminist ethical questions, how best to make your case, questions about current events. Send these to


What She Won’t Answer:

Student Questions:

If you are a student who would like a “Sydney Feminists” response to your school/university assignment, please send those into and one of our Student Enquiries volunteers will respond to you.  You can also find plenty of research and resources on our website at


The More Serious Stuff:

If you have more serious concerns, like domestic or sexual violence, or know of a friend in grave trouble, please call 1800 Respect ( or check out some of the other helplines we list here:


Kate is not a trained counsellor or psychologist, but she does have a talent and passion for teaching and helping young people!  If you’re keen to engage with someone from TSF who is kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about feminism, Kate’s your person!

We hope you will participate in this new project!  If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them through to and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as and when we can. In the meantime, please send your questions through and keep a lookout for the answers next month!


Disclaimer: All advice supplied in this column is meant to be taken as suggestion only. If you are in need of guidance from a trained therapist, please seek out a psychologist or counsellor in your area. TSF assumes no responsibility for any consequences that arise from following the advice provided. The advice column is meant to be a light-hearted means of discussion and not a substitute for professional help.



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