So You Want to Volunteer with The Sydney Feminists?


The Sydney Feminists is a small but strong and highly active not-for-profit that relies on a tiny team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to the cause.  We are always receptive to new volunteers, provided that they can fulfil some basic criteria.

What We Require from our Volunteers:

  1. A minimum of 1-2 hours per week of actual work for the organisation.  Depending on their role, this could be on emails, building resources, admin, event organising, social media coordinating etc.

  2. Clear and consistent communication.  We expect our volunteers to reply to team emails, let us know what events/campaigns they can or cannot attend and communicate when they will be away or if they feel like leaving the organisation.  If we do not hear from a volunteer at all within a 4 week period, they will be removed from the volunteer list.

  3. A true passion for, and commitment to, the feminist cause.  We are looking for people who are extremely passionate about feminism and who define themselves as activists, eager to work towards positive social change. We expect our volunteers to have at least some basic knowledge of feminist tenants and modern-day issues.

  4. An understanding of, and respect for, the Mission Statement of The Sydney Feminists.  We have a specific focus and agenda (primarily education), and expect our volunteers to be aware of it before they sign up.  If they decide to volunteer for us, they are agreeing to that Mission Statement.

  5. A desire to promote and grow The Sydney Feminists.  We want individuals who are keen to see the organisation, and feminism in Sydney, thrive and reach many people.  We expect you to act in the organisation’s best interests and to represent us positively and accurately.  Ideally, we’d like someone eager to get involved in whatever the organisation is doing.

  6. A commitment to complete all assigned tasks on time and to a high standard. All our volunteers have many important commitments outside of their volunteering, however they must always ensure that they allocate the appropriate time to complete any assigned tasks. This will be expected of any new volunteers who join us.

  7. A respect for the tenants of third & fourth wave feminism. We want people who hold a notion of feminism that is inclusive and intersectional. We will not tolerate a person who does not value and respect others or who disregards the principles of equality central to modern day feminism.


We want passionate individuals who are keen to get involved, who can manage their time effectively and who have space in their lives for volunteering.  Please consider these points very carefully before you sign up.  Volunteers are the bedrock of a not-for-profit, which is why we need to have reliable people making up our foundations.






What Our Volunteers Get Out of It:


  1. A great sense of community. You get to join a tight-knit team of enthusiastic individuals keen to create social change. We are a friendly, considerate and welcoming group of people who are fun to work with.  You will also get to meet and work with our allies. You will also get invited to fun team bonding days/evenings!

  2. Meaningful work.  Any and all work that goes into keeping a not-for-profit running is meaningful work. Whether you’re doing the budget as the treasurer or public speaking at an event, it is all essential.  While people on the outside only ever see the finished product of an organisation, without people behind the scenes doing the work needed to keep the cogs turning, nothing would be achieved. 

  3. A sense of pride and accomplishment.  Activist work is sometimes tough, but it is also very rewarding. There is no greater feeling than seeing people actively benefit from the work you do.  Creating awareness, and providing education, about these critical social issues is important work and knowing you are having a positive effect on the community is a wonderful feeling.

  4. New skills.  Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills or hone existing ones.  You will have numerous opportunities to do a variety of tasks and get good at it!

  5. Looks great on the Resume.  Volunteering is an excellent thing to have on your CV and if you do good work for us, we will happily give a potential employer a favourable reference for you.

  6. Exposure to new and exciting things. Feminist activism can take you many places and you learn so much! You will have opportunities to team up with other groups, attend fascinating events (we often get free tickets), participate in marches and rallies, speak on TV or radio, meet interesting people and learn about politics, philosophy and sociology. 

  7. An opportunity to lead. If you remain with us for a year, you will get the chance to run for a committee position at the AGM. Committee members are integral to directing the organisation and decide which projects to take on each year. We are looking for leaders with creative and practical thinking who can steer the organisation in a positive direction.


There are so many ways you can benefit from volunteering and we certainly haven’t created a definitive list! You get out as much as you put in, and the skills and knowledge you gain, and the memories you make, will last you your whole lifetime.

Before you apply, please read the specific role descriptions below. We are looking for specific candidates and it is important you read the expectations of each role before you apply.




The Sydney Feminists is currently looking for volunteers for the following job roles:

Volunteer Manager for TSF’s Writing Department

The Sydney Feminists runs a thriving weekly blog covering a wide range of topics from a diverse group of writers. Each week our writers produce editorials, news stories, reviews, and personal pieces. Writers report to a manager, to pitch ideas and work out a schedule that suits them. Our current manager is resigning so we are looking for someone to fill the position ASAP.


Role Requirements:

  1. To organize an article posting schedule so that there is a fresh piece up on Blogger every week

  2. To coordinate with a team of feminist writers; this includes devising a workable timetable with each writer, reviewing their pitches for articles and ensuring they meet deadlines.

  3. Working closely with the Assistant Editor and Fact Checker

  4. Communicating regularly over WhatsApp

  5. Using Google Drive and Gmail to keep on top of the schedule


The candidate needs to be very well organized, good at communication, comfortable using Google documents and able to dedicate a couple of hours each week to volunteer work. (Approx 1-3 hours).


Applicants can be from anywhere in Australia or the globe as the job can be done remotely.


Benefits of Joining:

  • Excellent experience in people management

  • An opportunity to network with talented, creative people

  • Being at the helm of a creative endeavor and joining a small team of motivated individuals

  • Opportunities to go to long-running feminist social gatherings

  • Valuable experience in curating creative works


If this sounds like a job you'd like to do, please get in touch! Send us a short email explaining why you would like this role, mentioning any past experience you may have. Resumes are optional but always appreciated. Contact us at 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Note: The Sydney Feminists is a very small grassroots organization with a tiny budget. As a not-for-profit run by volunteers, we do not have any finances to pay people as staff. All positions we advertise are therefore unpaid.



Are you a passionate writer? Do you like to create fresh and exciting content for people to read?   We’re looking for someone with a passion for both feminism and creativity  to become a writer for our Blogger platform.

There are 3 categories you can join. Regular writers produce one article every 1 to 2 weeks. Semi-regular writers produce one piece per month. Casual writers produce a handful of pieces across the year. It's up to you to decide which suits you best!

Pieces need to be between 700 and 3000 words and will be proofread by an editor prior to publication. Writers work closely with the editor to pitch and refine ideas and rework drafts where necessary. 


The types of articles/subjects are as follows:

  • Personal essays/think pieces on feminist topics of your choice

  • Women’s History

  • Academic essays/research

  • Book reviews

Role Requirements:

  1. Creating content for the Blogger platform on an agreed upon schedule

  2. Researching your piece beforehand, and submitting it for proofreading to the editor

  3. Creating inclusive content that will appeal to an intersectional community.

  4. Running any project ideas by the editor prior to content creation.

  5. Positively representing TSF

  6. Keeping in regular contact with the editor and updating a writer's posting schedule Google Doc.

  7. Responding to any emails sent to you by the committee/editor

  8. Meeting attendance optional 

If this is a role that interests you, please email us at 

How To Apply:

Application is by email to  Please write “Volunteer Application” in the subject. 


Please include in your email:

  1. Your name, email address and phone number

  2. The role you are applying for

  3. The best times to contact you

  4. A little bit about you. (E.G.  How you came into feminism, if you have relevant volunteer experience, what your main interests within feminism are etc.)

What Happens After You Apply:

  1. Once your application has been received, it will be discussed internally with the committee. (Please allow a week for this). 

  2. If the application is successful, you will receive an email or phone call during which time we will either conduct a short interview or arrange one. 

  3. After the interview, you will be assigned to a supervisor and/or given your first tasks.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!  We hope to hear from you soon!



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