"A little bit feminist, a little bit self help and very informative of how boobs matter to the world. My goal is to help educate our nation and world on our amazing bodies starting with the ever so precious BOOBS.

Comes with a Boob Zine badge to help spread awareness and awesomeness."

My name is Jennifer, I have written a zine called The Boob Zine. I published this last year and I'm finding a lot of supporters here in Melbourne that are also in the feminist scene. My motive is to reach out to as many women as possible, young to old, to try and open up our views on boobs in Australia. Please help me by providing information about my zine to people that are looking for this kind of information and support. 

The zine is focused on education, self-help, respecting boobs and questioning the "normal" beliefs in today's society. To me there seems to be a negative or perverted focus on boobs / breasts and this is damaging the way our youths and future generations are growing up seeing them selves. I would love to help change the way the future generation is going and help educate people about boobs with The Boob Zine. 

See more at:  

Instagram: @theboobzine 

$40 off healing acupuncture for all members of The Sydney Feminists


Do you suffer from physical or emotional pain?  Do you have a painful disability?  Have you gone through periods of great stress and trauma and need someone to listen to you whilst also helping to heal your body?


Epping Acupuncturist Si Ning Luo is interested in using his skills to help heal women who have gone through difficult times, be they physical, emotional or financial.  He also specializes in treatments for menstrual pain and fertility.


He is therefore offering members of The Sydney Feminists and any woman who needs the support a 25% discount off acupuncture, reducing the cost to more affordable prices:


$40 off a full consultation and treatment (1 hour) is $70

$40 off a 45 minute appointment is $50

$40 off a 30 minute appointment is $20       

(45 minute appointments are typically around the $100-$120 mark)


Acupuncture can be a calming, deeply relaxing experience and has recently been scientifically proven to reduce the sensation of physical aches and pains.   It can reduce stress, balance bodily functions and calm and clear the mind.


 If you are afraid of needles, Si Ning practices the Flying Needle technique, a rare form of acupuncture that greatly reduces any pain or discomfort from needles.


Not interested in acupuncture for yourself? Please pass this voucher onto someone who may benefit from treatment. For more information, call Si Ning at 0416 018 502 or 02 9869 2885