Rules and Guidelines for The Sydney Feminists (TSF)'s Social Media Platforms


The Sydney Feminists is a small, not-for-profit group primarily interested in educating the public about feminism and the damaging effects of sexism and gender discrimination.  Our social media groups and pages function as online forums for members to discuss feminism, share relevant posts and create awareness about important, related issues. It is a virtual space for civil, friendly discussion about feminist issues.  We welcome people with a keen interest in feminism who wish to respectfully engage with others in conversation.  We are intersectional and welcome people of all ages, genders etc. and we are trans and sex worker inclusive.


In order to keep things orderly and to protect members from harm, we have devised a set of rules.  These rules are intended to ensure that our virtual spaces are a safe, interesting, engaging and productive for all members. We've tried to make them clear and fair with the platforms’ safety and productivity, as well integrity, in mind.





In joining this group/page/Instagram, you agree to follow these rules. Those who violate these rules will be warned and/or banned.

Rule 1: No flaming, slandering or swearing. When discussing or debating a topic, be polite and civil at all times. If you disagree with a member on something, civil debate is allowed but it must not devolve into a flamewar. Vilifying, dehumanizing and hateful speech will not be tolerated. 

Rule 2: Post on topic. This group is about feminism, so please don’t post anything that isn’t at all relevant to the main purpose of this group. Irrelevant posts, advertising/spam and pornography will be removed/deleted. If you're unsure about relevance then please message an admin to check before you post.

Rule 3: Respect the decisions of the admins. If you have your message removed and you don't understand why, or if you disagree with the decision, then discuss it with an admin via private message. We are always open to suggestion and willing to hear your opinion. DO NOT take it to the FB page/group. This only creates unnecessary drama and turbulence within the community. While we want to resolve any conflicts we also need to focus on progress and not stray from our purpose.

Rule 4: Use Trigger Warnings (TW) or Content Warnings (CW). While the merit of TWs are debated, it is generally advised that if the content contains upsetting material dealing with violence, rape, assault, homophobia or other potentially triggering content, to place a short warning before the link and around 6 lines between this and the actual content. That way people can deal with trauma in their own time and in their own way. If unsure how to use these then please message an admin.


Rule 5: Get quote permissions. If you are going to quote, or paraphrase what a member has said online or offline, in an article you want to write, you need to ask for permission. Make sure you advise them that you intend to write and get in touch with them before publishing to make sure they approve of how their opinions have been presented. Give them a link if possible for the website that will hold the article and provide a contact email or phone number so they can approach you or the editor. The same applies for photos or audio/visual recordings taken at any event held or attended by The Sydney Feminists. If you can no longer contact the person individually, please contact The Sydney Feminists and they will try to pass on the information to the person concerned.

Rule 6: No Spoiling for a Fight. Men’s Rights Activists, misogynists, feminist extremists, trolls and anti-feminist antagonists are not welcome; neither will we tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of negative discrimination or aggression.

Feminism is a broad activism and we may not always agree with one another, so we ask that any debate is kept civil and respectful with consideration for the feelings and personal experiences of others.

If you come here to infiltrate or disrupt the group, or otherwise stir up trouble and upset people, your stay here will be short-lived.




1.) As a new member or a new feminist, invest time in understanding the basic tenants of feminism especially if topics such as women's rights, bodily autonomy, consent, male or white privilege, oppression, objectification, trigger/content warnings, safe spaces, gender binaries, the pay gap, rape statistics, the male gaze and mansplaining are new topics for you. Knowing more about these topics will allow you to fit in better with other feminists.


2.) If you find anything that a member or outsider has posted that goes against the platform’s policy 

(eg hate speech, violence and graphic content)  please report it to the platform and alert the admins. 


Feminist Websites

3.) If you are looking for other resources to learn more about feminism and feminist theory please visit the following link with a list of popular feminist magazines, blogs and journals.


Thank you for reading these rules and adhering to them. We want to create a dynamic space that is open for discussion and debate, but which is also considerate of others' views, feelings and perspectives. 


We hope to keep our virtual spaces civil, safe and interesting places to talk about a variety of feminist topics and ideas.


If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our social media team at