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Welcome to The Sydney Feminists...


We are a group of passionate women and men working towards social change through education. We use workshops, documentary films and social media to educate the public about the numerous ways women are still discriminated against in Western society and around the world.

New Committee members wanted! September 2022

For the past two years The Sydney Feminists has been on a break after our founding members stepped down. We are now looking for an entirely new committee of dedicated feminists to take the mantle and drive The Sydney Feminists forward.

Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved!


In May 2019, The Sydney Feminists had the privilege of giving a talk to a group of 12 students from Texas A&M International University.  Founders Tessa Barratt and Joe Salemi discussed the origin of the organization, what the political landscape looks like in Sydney and covered some of the key issues feminist activists are championing in 2019. The students were exceptionally bright, curious and engaged and asked some brilliant questions!  It was such a pleasure to open up to a forum discussion at the end and hear what they had to say. We love to give talks and presentations of this nature, especially to traveling students, so if your University/school would like us to give a talk on the work we (and many other feminists) do, please get in touch!


Written Works:


Our writers have been hard at work producing high-quality reviews, articles, op-eds and information pieces.  Some have also produced series, such as Women in Film History and Women in STEM.  All articles are published on our Blogger (with more of an academic focus) and Tumblr (with more of a pop culture focus).


To make finding specific works easier, our website manager, Linzy, has produced an archive of all the written works of Blogger and ranked them under different categories.  She will be updating this archive across the year, so if you're looking for a specific topic or series, be sure to check back regularly to see new additions.

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