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Feminist Video Blogs


Video - one of the most ubiquitous mediums of communication today. We are bombarded with advertisements and images whenever we turn on the television, or trawl the internet on our computers and phones, and often what we see feeds into dominant cultural and gender narratives about what is and should be.

For an alternate take on the status quo, here is a collection of feminist channels and video news sites.


            Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Founded by Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is dedicated to helping people find authenticity in themselves, particularly encouraging young women to explore their worlds. In their words: “We emphasize intelligence and imagination over ‘fitting in.’ ”


            Arielle Scarcella

Queer feminist, creator of the series ‘Lesbians Explain’


            Barnard Centre for Research on Women

Resource-rich videos covering panels and academic discussions of gender, feminism, activism, education and race.


            Braless (MTV, hosted by Laci Green of Sex+)

MTV’s YouTube channel hosting Laci Green’s take on all things feminist, political and pop culture. Endlessly chirpy and quick-paced short segments – much what we say about Sex+ with Laci Green (see further down)!



Also a content curator for Upworthy.


            Feminist Frequency


The site of the Feminist Frequency web series ( created by commentator Anita Sarkeesian, which explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. Predominately games-focused.


            Feminist Fridays

A YouTube series by marinashutup discussing social and political issues from an intersectional feminist perspective. Some swearing.


            Feminist Majority Foundation

The Feminist Majority Foundation is dedicated to raising consciousness about feminist issues, particularly equality, reproductive health and non-violence.


            Framing Feminism

A series of short videos by the Feminist Majority Foundation on contemporary feminist issues called Framing Feminism (contextually, not criminally).


            Girl TV Australia

A media channel catering to young Australian women and girls. Click to watch, or pitch an idea for a video.

          Her Words

An Australian interview series sharing the stories and experiences of those who identify as women. Inclusive of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, backgrounds and transgender and transfeminine women, we’re going beyond surface conversation to talk about the things that matter.


            Ideas at the House

Missed out on attending some of the fantastic panels at All About Women at the Sydney Opera House this year, or just want a recap? The Sydney Opera House has its own YouTube channel dedicated to sharing those talks and more. Listen to Rayya Elias, Rosie Battie, Germaine Greer, Anita Sarkeesian, Mia Freedman… the list goes on.


            Ill Doctrine

Jay Smooth, founder of NYC’s longest running hip-hop radio show creates and posts short videos on issues of feminism and race.


            Nissa TV

Based in Tunis, Nissa TV is the first Euro-Mediterranean TV channel to explicitly focus upon development of equality between men and women, aiming to discuss and document the evolution of feminist issues and emancipation of women throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region at a grass-roots level. It broadcasts in French, Arabic and English!


            Nist TV

A site dedicated to aggregating feminist content from across the web. Somewhat glitchy in its menu access and usability, but a rich mine of information awaiting your mouse click, described by Feminist Frequency as “YouTube for Feminism.”

Most accessible if you right-click and open videos in a separate tab.


            Reproductive Choices Australia #endthestigma campaign

A video record of flash mobs organized by Reproductive Choices Australia in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne to end the stigma surrounding abortion.


            Sex+ Laci Green

Also star of MTV’s first YouTube Channel, Laci Green’s Sex+ talks about


            Sydney Feminists

Yes, we have a YouTube channel! Follow us to be updated on videos we love.


            TED Talks: Feminism and Gender

TED (Technology, Education, Design) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading the flow of ideas in the form of short videos of talks given by leaders in a range of fields. Since its inception in 1984, the scope of TED talks have expanded to cover many diverse areas. We have listed three for you: feminism, race and gender.



            Individual Videos worth viewing

Sample TV Tropes for some in-depth, fan-generated discussion on the tropes depicted in your favourite works of script and screen. Warning: there may be spoilers.


            Media Education Foundation

For something more formal, the Media Education Foundation may also prove valuable for developing your knowledge.


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