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Over the years, The Sydney Feminists has aspired to educate the public about various feminist topics using a wide array of tools and presentations. We now define ourselves as an educational not-for-profit. Our primary goals are to deliver workshops in schools, juvenile justice centres and youth groups, as well as publish research on our website. Additionally, we use our Blogger and Tumblr to further inform, inspire and spark discussion.


Originally, we used Blogger as a platform to express ideas, poetry, experiences and opinions that were sent to us by those who wished to share their thoughts. Tumblr was a place for writers to critique media (TSF originally started as a media education organisation).


Today, Blogger still serves its original function as a space for feminists of all stripes to talk about issues they are passionate about and, in some cases, share their personal stories. While we now have a dedicated team of writers, we continue to publish guest posts from those who want to send in one-off pieces. Tumblr is also served by a small team of writers who tackle feminism in the media, as well as hot button issues.


The purpose of these platforms is to give people the opportunity to explore topics, share their experiences, discuss important issues and put forth their ideas and opinions. In some cases, the platforms give voice to people who may not be able to express these ideas in their inner circles, culture, or even their country. For others still, it is a means of catharsis. Anybody with a passion for writing and feminism can submit their work. Our Blogger and Tumblr are open to people of all genders, from around the world. We do not require qualifications or for them to be professional writers.


On our writing platforms, we aim to include diverse voices, so as not to create a feedback bubble. Sometimes, this means we don’t agree 100% with the some of the opinions expressed in these pieces. We allow our writers to tackle challenging topics, including engaging in debates and controversies, as we believe this helps society refine its ideas. To not risk causing offence means never challenging the status quo, and we know the current status quo very much needs to be challenged.


To be clear, the value and ethos of the Sydney Feminists is intersectional, trans-inclusive and pacifist. We do not endorse exclusionary practices, militarism, bullying behaviour or hate speech of any kind (to learn more, please see our mission statement). However, we also allow our writers freedom on their choice of topic, who they wish to interview, what material they wish to review, etc.  


How We Run Blogger and Tumblr:


The Sydney Feminists is run by a very small team of passionate and hard-working activists who put in countless hours each week in volunteer work to keep the wheels turning. Our writing platforms are overseen by an editor and assistant editor. Writers are encouraged to send their work to and the editor will check over the piece for grammar and spelling mistakes.  They will also give feedback to the writer and occasionally ask them to rework a few paragraphs. Once the piece has been proofread, it is published online and further promoted on our social media platforms.


We are not a news outlet or big media corporation. We do not have sub-editors, fact checkers or photographers. We do not have paid experts. We are unable to produce material that will parallel the quality of a fully-funded, independent publication. However, we endeavour to do our very best to ensure the content on our websites is accurate, fair and educational. If we do make mistakes, we encourage our readers to let us know via a comment or email. However, we do not tolerate bullying and harassment of writers and volunteers. We will then do our best to correct our mistakes.


We hope our readers will learn something new from each of our pieces and that our articles spark enlightening and engaging discussions. We firmly believe feminists need to talk to each other and continue the discourse around pertinent issues.


If you would like to learn more about becoming a dedicated or casual writer for our Blogger and Tumblr platforms, please visit our volunteer page to view any open positions.


Thank you.


-- The Sydney Feminists Committee

A Note About Blogger and Tumblr

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