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The Sydney Feminists' Mission Statement


  • To create a warm, inviting and open forum and community for feminists, their allies and those interested in learning about feminism.


  • To raise awareness of the damaging effects of sexism.


  • To provide opportunities for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, cultural background and political standpoint, to engage with others sympathetic to feminist ideology. 


  • To allow civil and respectful debate and discussions.


  • To give people the chance to become involved in feminist activism.


  • To highlight important issues, share and spread news using our web presence.


  • To focus primarily on the social aspects of sexism:


  • to challenge misogyny in the general public through education as well as public engagement and discussion.


  • to use media and workshops to inform people about the problems women face, the damaging impact of patriarchy on people of all genders and how to combat external as well as internal misogyny.


  • To celebrate the diversity of opinions found in the feminist movement whilst also keeping focused on common goals that would benefit all women, regardless of class, political affiliation or social standing.


  • To have an open discussion about masculinity and how it affects the way people perceive and interact with one another. 


  • To look at how conventional notions of femininity and masculinity directly affects social progress.


  • To approach differences and conflicts within feminism through open dialogue, respectful debate and peaceful and diplomatic engagements.


  • To network with, support and promote other individuals, groups and organisations that strive to achieve feminist goals.

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