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Along with documentary screenings and presentations, The Sydney Feminists have also done workshops and talks in schools and correctional centres.  Our workshops cover subjects ranging from respectful relationships, to cyberbullying, to body image, to the media's representation of gender.  In all our presentations, we use feminist theory to break down the ways in which we interact with each other in a family, in peer groups and in society at large.  


Most recently, we developed a special program targeted at boys to teach them about toxic masculinity and how feminism can help them better understand themselves and relate to others.

If you are interested in having TSF present a workshop at your school, college, business or correctional centre, please email us with what you'd like, what focus you want and times and dates.  Contact us at

The Sydney Feminists have provided talks, workshops and presentations at a variety of venues and events, including:​

UN Youth National Conference

White Ribbon International Conference

CROMM Conference Wollongong University

Women's March in the Park

Reclaim the Night

V-Day / One Billion Rising

Roseville Girls' College

The University of Sydney

The University of NSW

Community Centres

Correctional Centres

Schools & Colleges


Workshop: Cyberbullying - Awareness and Empathy

On August 7th Mimi and Joseph from The Sydney Feminists presented educational workshops on Cyberbullying at a behavioural high school in Sydney’s South West. The workshops covered topics including: the impact of cyberbullying, male sexual entitlement, revenge porn, and the importance of using humour to connect with people without hurting others.


The workshops also included an empathy exercise so the boys could imagine how it would feel to be a victim of revenge porn themselves. We had so much fun presenting this topic and it was a pleasure to work with a group of energetic, engaging and expressive students.

If you’d like to have The Sydney Feminists present a free workshop at your school, business or organisation, email us at

Workshop: Toxic Masculinity, Gender Stereotypes and Respectful Relationships.


On January 10th The Sydney Feminists  presented a workshop to over fifty boys aged between 14 and 19 at a Juvenile Correctional Centre in Western Sydney. The topics we covered were toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes and respectful relationships. It was an incredible and moving experience which we enjoyed wholeheartedly and all of the boys were respectful, well-mannered, intelligent, insightful and attentive; and we were humbled and appreciative of how much the boys contributed, shared and listened. We learned so much from the boys today and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to teach them about how toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes impact their lives. If you would like to book us to present a workshop at your school or organisation, please contact us!

Workshop: Beauty, Media and Me: Embracing your unique beauty


On August 30th, Mimi from The Sydney Feminists presented an interactive workshop 'Beauty, Media and Me: Embracing your unique beauty' to a group of predominantly refugee girls in South Western Sydney.


This workshop covered topics including beauty as a construct, whitewashing in the media, how beauty ideals change over time and between countries and the impact of media on body image and self esteem. 


The workshop also included pair group activities to promote self awareness, insight and self love, and provided recommendations on how to counteract media's impact on self image in order to love yourself and your body. 


 It was so much fun and the girls were very engaged, contributed intelligently and came up with so many incredible insights and realisations about body image, beauty ideals and self love. It was truly inspiring and rewarding

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