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Past and Present Focuses


The Sydney Feminists has been exceptionally active in numerous different areas and in various ways over the past few years.  2013 was our busiest year, while 2014 saw our biggest event (screening of Africa Rising: an FGM awareness event).



In December 2014 TSF became an incorporated organisation.  We looked at our history, our budget and resources and discussed what we aimed to achieve in 2015.  We decided to return TSF to its original purpose: to be a media education organisation that raises awareness of the ongoing sexism in modern society through free documentary screenings.



Our past focusses are documented below.  They contain useful and fairly up-to-date information about their subject areas and have been well-researched.



The current focusses of our documentary films are as follows:


  • The Media's Portrayal of Women

  • Reproductive Rights/Virginity

  • Violence Against Women

  • Masculinity

  • FGM (female genital mutilation)

  • Feminism (general)




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