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Feminist Tumblrs


If you have ever found yourself saying, “I don’t need a life, I have Tumblr,” even in jest, then we can suggest some feminist Tumblrs for you to explore.

Tumblrs in bold are the favourites of the compiler. Please note that some Tumblrs listed here are accompanied by trigger warnings.


            Brute Reason

A personal blog about feminism and social issues.


            The Daily Feminist

A personal blog on intersectional feminist issues for who all those identify as female.


            Escher Girls

A blog which showcases inaccurate ways in which the female form is depicted in popular media, and prevalent ways women are drawn posed, distorted, and often sexualised out of context. Top points for ‘rubber spine’ syndrome.


            Facts About Feminism

A blog dedicated to statistics on feminist issues, presented individually in picture form. Not all statistics quoted are supplied with source materials.



A UK-based, globally focussed intersectional feminist blog.


            Feminist Frequency

The blog of the fantastic commentator Anita Sarkeesian, this is an offshoot of the Feminist Frequency webseries which explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. Predominately games-focussed.


            Feminist Film

A gender studies blog about gender and representation of women in television and film. It has been some time since the last update.


            Feminist Mad Max

A blog dedicated to the ‘Feminist Mad Max’ trope, an offshoot of the ‘Feminist Ryan Gosling’ trope.


            Feminism is for Lovers

Originally established to record the titular street art campaign in Brooklyn in 2009, where ‘Feminism is for Lovers’ stickers were placed to counter negative messaging in the streets and to highlight places of significance in the civil rights movement. The blog now appears inactive, but serves as a curation of art and design, which express values of new wave feminism. Some nudity and partial nudity.


            F*ck Yeah Gender Studies

A personal blog established to discuss issues of gender, body politics and sexuality. Some swearing.


            I’m Not A Misandrist (Some of My Best Friends Are Male), But

A blog that showcases the double standards in common racist and sexist stereotypes, as redirected at the patriarchy.


            Jessica Valenti

A blog by Jessica Valenti, founder of, columnist for  The Guardian US, and award-winning author of four books on feminism, including The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women.


            Ladies Against Humanity

Inspired by the card game Cards Against Humanity, Ladies Against Humanity posts card suggestions for more inclusive representation within the game.


            Lady Parts

Calling out the insidious culture of sexism as displayed in character breakdowns advertised on popular casting websites.


            Lipstick Feminists

A personal blog about feminism created by two young feminists to explore their ideas on feminism and social issues.


            Lost Grrrls

A personal blog about feminism.



Part of the Microaggressions project [], this blog seeks to increase the visibility of microaggressions in everyday life, and the role they play in reinforcing social differences by the privileged, and perpetuating the experience of marginalisation.


            Misandry Mermaid

A personal blog on intersectional feminist issues for who all those identify as female. Trigger warning.


            Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

The personal blog of Rachel Hills, journalist and author of The Sex Myth.


            Notorious RBG

A blog following news and comments of the Notorious RBG herself: Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


            Only the Dance

A personal blog on feminist and mental health issues.


            Pizza Feminism

A humorous blog interposing pizza references into feminist quotes (originals included). “No one can make you feel inferior without your pizza.” Eleanor Roosevelt.


            Planned Parenthood

The blog of Planned Parenthood, the provider of reproductive health care. Providing helpful resources on questions of reproductive health care, as well as shared stories from women whose lives have been changed through access to birth control. They also provide an option for you to chat live with a reproductive healthcare educator.


            Project Unbreakable

Trigger Warning. Photo journalism of survivors abuse holding quotations from their attackers, friends, family and the law. Well worth the effort of witnessing women and men who are #unbreakable.


            Riders on the Storm

A blog on intersectional feminist issues.


            The Rogue Feminist

A personal blog about feminism, social issues, politics and the media.


            Saved by the Bell Hooks

A blog by artist Liz Laribee [] on critical social and feminist theory as juxtaposed with ‘Saved By the Bell.’ The blog was inspired by reading bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins, author of Sisters of the Yam and Ain’t I a Woman?: Black Women and Feminism) in the wake of Ferguson.


            Sex + with Laci Green

The blog of Laci Green, sex ed activist who hosts the weekly YouTube show Sex+ [].


            This is Only a Test

A personal blog on feminism.


            WTF Plus Sized Clothing Manufacturers?

A body-positive blog for plus-sized women, focussed primarily upon the awful clothing options provided for women whose forms do not fit the norms.


            Who Needs Feminism?

A blog collecting and sharing confessions of “I need feminism because…”


            Yik Yak Sexism

A blog about sexism on college campuses, and increasing the visibility of sexist comments made using the mobile app Yik Yak, which allows users to comment anonymously on others’ feeds within localised geographic area [].


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