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We are looking for passionate, knowledgeable feminists to fill the following volunteer positions. All of them are important and will aid TSF in becoming the go-to resource for young people when it comes to learning about Australian feminism and related issues.  Please review the following roles and if any of them interest you, let us know at


Researchers – We’re looking for people passionate about the stats and the latest reports.  We wish to build up an archive of relevant information that will be easily accessible on our website and useful for students doing projects. TSF’s primary focus is the media’s effect on, and portrayal of women, so this would be an area of information we’d most like to develop.  However, if you’re passionate about other subjects within feminism and are happy to research it thoroughly and academically (with links to credible sources), feel free to expand on/update our existing database of info on Reproductive Rights, Violence Against Women, Refugee Women and Asylum Seekers (to be relaunched under a “Library” section of the website). You can also provide research to create a new section entirely.  As long as it is relevant to both feminism and Australians, we are keen to include it on our database.



Online Resource builders – A few years back, TSF’s website had pages dedicated to listing feminist resources such as films, music, documentaries, websites, vlogs and blogs.  However, these pages became too much for one person to maintain and were detached from the website last year.  We are looking for people dedicated to adding to and maintaining pages like these.  We’d like to be able to list some feminist and genderqueer television shows, films, music etc. as well as current links to feminist websites and blogs.  We’d also like to have a page up of small businesses run by women.  If you’d like to create one or more of these pages, adding to it over time at a pace that suits you, please let us know.



Online Educators – TSF is frequently contacted by both students (in High School, College and University) as well as the media.  We’re looking for people with enough feminist knowledge to answer questions sent to us by students doing projects on feminism and gender.  We receive many emails from young people attempting to learn about these subjects and endeavour to answer all of them, but are getting so many now that assistance is needed!  You’d be required to answer one to two students a week.  Additionally, if you’re highly knowledgeable of feminism and comfortable talking to the media (e.g. giving a radio interview), we’d like to hear from you, too.



Media Educators – My colleague (Joseph) and I have been screening documentaries about gender since we founded TSF in early 2012.  The presentations we create to accompany the largely American documentaries we screen aim to relate the content back to Australian culture. We’d love to find volunteers keen to create fresh presentations for these films, either for us to present or, if they are confident and skilled in public speaking, for the volunteer to present.  We also sometimes give presentations for organisations and schools.  If this is an area that interests you, please get in touch.



Media Creators - We are also very keen to find film makers who are interested in creating small scale video projects that highlight sexism in media and culture in Australian society.  There is, sadly, a lack of films created by and for Australians in this area and we would love to have film makers add content to our Youtube channel that we could also screen at schools, universities and colleges.  We’re also interested in video bloggers (vloggers) who can do episodic pieces about sexism in media and culture.  Think Laci Green or Feminist Frequency.  We do not have sufficient funds (at this stage) to fund film projects, but can provide support, contacts, venues and guidance. As an incorporated body, we’re also eligible to apply for non-profit grants.  If either film making or vlogging feminism is something you feel confident about and would like to do for TSF, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


If you have any queries about the above roles, please feel free to send your questions in. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you all for your time and support.  We hope to hear from you soon!


-- Tessa Barratt (on behalf of TSF Committee)



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