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Welcome to The Sydney Feminists Paid Membership Signup Process


As an Incorporated body, The Sydney Feminists is required to give our supporters the opportunity to become paid members with voting rights. Any funds which are raised through this process will be used to fund the activities of The Sydney Feminists as determined by The Committee. We would like to welcome everyone to join and help us continue to grow this great community.


What does membership include?

  • The primary function of paid membership is the ability to vote for candidates who are nominated for Committee positions at the yearly AGM (to be held in December each year)

    • Details of eligibility can be found in the Constitution


Additional features that members will have access to are:

  • The ability to vote on our Online Polls system to help us make decisions around the organisation's direction


How much does membership cost?

  • The yearly membership fee costs $10 for regular members or $5 Concession.


How long does membership last?

  • Membership lasts until the end of the current calendar year


Does it cost anything to cancel membership?

  • No. To cancel membership, please send an email through to: however we do not issue refunds for membership so the initial fee will be retained by The Sydney Feminists Inc.


What do I need to do?

  • Download the Membership Form 

  • When you have completed the form you may:

    • Submit cash and completed form to one of our volunteers at any Sydney Feminists event​

    • Send a Bank Transfer to the account details on the form and email form to

    • Send a PayPal Transfer to the Sydney Feminists PayPal account below and email form to             

What will be information be used for?

  • All information provided will be kept secure in the membership register (description can be found in the constitution)

  • Members will not be targeted for any unwanted advertising and details will not be shared with other people, bodies or organisations


2019 Membership​ Form

Mission Statement

$10 Waged Membership​           $5 Unwaged Membership

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The Sydney Feminists Constitution

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